WJ STUDIO万境设计注重建筑内、外空间的延续性和创造性思考,从理解建筑、周边环境以及产品核心内容出发,探索空间、人与自然的联结,为使用者创造兼具实用性与个性化的室内、外空间。




在设计实践的同时,WJ STUDIO万境设计下设有PRO-LAB研究室,强调多学科交叉研究与设计创新。藉由对特定社会问题进行多维度、跨学科的思考与研究,PRO-LAB一直立于设计的边界,以外部视角审视设计——这一与人文和社会密切交织的行业。



Hu Zhile

Founding Partner

Graduated from the China Academy of Art in 2003.He has experience working for PROSHIMA in Japan. As the design director and project manager of GOA, he cooperated with the Pritzker Prize winning architect Renzo Piano ’s first project in Mainland China, served as the technical manager.

In 2014, he founded the WJ Studio and established a sustainable design approach to the built environment. As an energetic and passionate team, by the leadership of its founding partner Hu Zhile,has won many international design awards including Berlin Design Awards (2021),IAI Global Design Award(2021), Outstanding Property Award London(2020), German Design Award (2020, 2017) ,AD100(2019,2017) ,WAF/INSIDE (2019, 2018,2017) ,ICONIC (2019) ,Hong Kong A&D Trophy (2018), Good Design (2018), etc.

His works have won worldwide media attention for many times, including the Private Geography column of the Paper news, American architecture magazine ATRIUM, Hong Kong Interior Design magazines HINGE, Contract Ianterior Architecture magazine, American Interior Design magazine (Interior Design magazine), South Korea MARU magazine, HongKong Perspective Magazine, Chinese Furniture Gallery Magazine, Archidaily.com,Gooood.cn, etc.

Hu believes that design is a way of thinking. He concentrates on not only the continuity and creative thinking of the interior/exterior space design but also the expression of design - form has a deeper meaning and design needs to confront the nature of spatial intent. Starting from the architecture, context, and core elements of product, Hu is adept at creating space that are extended in time. He has earned his reputation in the real estate field, as well as many partners like Greentown, China Resources, Sunac China and Xifang Real Estate Group. His work is also spoken highly of by the customers like IDG,VISION CAPITAL, ROKID、VPGAME、LEFIT etc.


Jin Min

Design Director

Graduated from The China Academy of Art in 2007, he pursues the combination of sensibility and rationality in design, and is good at interpreting space with modern and simple aesthetic style, explaining the essence of design with restraint and balance. In his opinion, design is warm and can let users feel the temperature of space.


作为一支年轻、多元性和创造力的团队,WJ STUDIO万境设计在创始人胡之乐的带领下,屡次获得国际设计奖项,包括美国Architizer A+奖(2022)、亚太房地产大奖(2022-2023)、巴黎设计大奖(2022)、世界建筑节WAF/世界室内设计节INSIDE(2017-2022)、日本优良设计奖(2022、2018)、美国IDA国际设计大奖(2021)、柏林设计奖(2021)、伦敦杰出地产大奖(2020)、AD100最具影响力设计机构(2019、2017)等。